Featured Project | Spotlight Series

Commissioned by British Youth for Christ and created for, this short series of films were developed as discussion starters to be used in schools with 11 to 14 year olds.
Film and Video is a key method of communication in today's media marketplace. Rich Smith Media Engineering offers a variety of Film Production Services for delivering high quality video for DVD, broadcast media and the web.


Let us help you create a video that your company is proud of. Whether it's a promotional video for your web site, a training video to distribute around your company on DVD or an advert for broadcast media, RSME can provide you with a Film Director to visualise and capture the video you need.

Camera Operation

Just need to hire a Camera Operator and Camera? We'll happily come and shoot HD Video for you and do our best to deliver it to you in whatever format you require.

Editing & Post-Production

RSME prides itself on the quality of it's editing and post-production film work. We'll happily use your existing footage to rework or update past videos so that you don't need to start from scratch.

Titles & Graphic Effects

Looking for fresh ways to bring your videos to life? Using industry standard film, animation and graphics packages, we'll add that professional edge to your videos with titles and graphic animations.

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